Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Channel 2 news

I had the opportunity to perform on TV this morning with my dance company. It was a lot of fun. Here are the video clips. We perform in segments 2 and 4. Enjoy!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
From our family to yours

Glenn, Natalie, Chloe & Karma

Friday, October 7, 2011

Pics and a Video

Hanging out at the haunted house

Watching Daddy fix the car 

She loves that thumb! 

Watching tv with dad 

Tummy Time 

New favorite toy 

Cute winter clothes 


Talking to mom 

4Runner and Life

So Glenn has recently acquired the 4Runner from his parents. He is super excited about it! He loves that car and already wants to go camping and go to the drive-in movie with it haha. On Saturday, Glenn went to the junkyard and got a new headlight and a few parts and starting putting the 4Runner back together. Chloe and I decided to go out and hangout in the nice weather while Glenn played with the car :) Later that night, we went to the haunted house to perform. Chloe is doing so well with Glenn while I perform! She will get a little fussy when she is hungry, but other than that she will just hangout and be good.
After the performance, I went into work for a half shift from midnight to 6am. Chloe fussed a little bit but then fell asleep and slept until I got home yay!!! Monday night I worked a midnight to 6am shift again so that we can have proof of income for our mortgage application. That night wasn't so lucky... she slept until 3 am then got mad.. so Glenn drove to my work at 4am. By the time he got there she was asleep so they slept in the car until 6 am. Glenn then drove home for her to wake up and be mad until I got home at 7 am, only for Glenn to then grab his keys and go to work for the day :( It was a hard night from him! He was so tired, but it will all be worth it if we can get this house!!! Then we will only live 3 mins from my work instead of 30 mins. Which will be so nice for if she screams while I am at work. I will be close enough to come home and settle her/feed her :) We'l keep you updated as we find more out :)
This week, we also started performing at the haunted house Wednesday and Thursday as well as Friday and Saturday. On Wed and Thurs, I took Chloe to the haunt with me while Glenn stayed home. She did so good! Everyone at the haunt loves her! She sat and played in her bouncer in the dressing room with me and the girls, and when I would perform one of the girls would watch her. Tonight and tomorrow is more haunt performances, then a nice quiet Sunday with just us!!! I can't wait!!!!!!! OK that's enough for now. Hope everyone has a great weekend! Happy 5th Birthday to my awesome nephew Ian on the 4th! Love you all!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Circus Fun!

Hey everyone! It's been a long time since I posted.. so here is an update :)
Chloe is now 3 months old! Time flies so fast!!! She will be 13 weeks tomorrow. She is such a happy baby! Still hates the bottle but she is getting better with a binky. She will chew on it occasionally. She loves to smile and talk and is starting to laugh a little as well. She is such a fun little girl! She can hold her head up really well and loves to stand on your lap.
Glenn is working his little heart out! He is working full time with the school, taking 2 classes, starting an aborist program, and helping my dance team with our show for Castle of Chaos.
As mentioned before.. I am doing a show with my aerial dance team called Aerial Amore. We are performing every Friday and Saturday nights at a haunted house in Riverdale at the Carnival of Chaos location by Castle of Chaos. We are having a blast!! Glenn is such a good sport and he comes every night and holds Chloe while I perform. I have worked a few 2 hour shifts at my job here and there and taught a few classes at the dance studio but nothing too serious. Chloe does great at the haunted house because I only dance for 10 mins at a time.. but even being gone an hour to teach a dance class, somehow she always starts screaming for Glenn. So I haven't pushed going back to work very hard.
In other news.. we are working on getting a house!!! We are in the final stages. Getting super excited!! Here's hoping everything keeps going well and we could be in our house by the end of October!!! Yay!!
Ok well I will leave you with a few pics. Also, check out our dance blog and facebook page to keep updated on my dance life :) https://www.facebook.com/AerialAmore and http://aerial-amore.blogspot.com/.

Many Faces of Chloe :)

I know it is blurry.. but it was cute! She was trying to look at dad :)

She is going to be a little thumb sucker I think...
Watching TV with Dad
At the Haunted House

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pics :)

So I only have one hand to type with so I will just post pics for right now.
The hospital took some newborn pics of her. You can see them at this website
Here are some I took with my phone camera, not nearly as pretty as Glenn's awesome smart phone but they work :)


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chloe Elizabeth Wilson!!

You get to read this blog type by yours truly Glenn. So with that, ignore any grammar or spelling mistakes.

So as some of you may or may not know, our little Chloe was measuring a little small at our appointment 2 weeks ago. Then at our appointment last week she hadn't really grown any bigger and our midwife told us if she didn't grow much by the 27th then she wanted to induce Natalie and get the baby out and into the world. So with that in mind we got bags packed, car seat installed and everything ready so when we went in for the appointment on the 27th we would be ready to stay the night if needed.

As was somewhat expected (regardless of how much food I made Nat eat) Chloe was still pretty small and so after chatting with the midwife we decided it would be best to induce that night and get things going. So after going home, letting me grab a shower, and hitting the mall to find Chloe a cute 4th of july outfit and some pretzels, we went and checked into the hospital at 8pm. They started monitoring Natalie up until about 2am and then started her on some Pitocin to try and get things going. Well... 5 hours later (about 3 hours spent sleeping by me on the little couch) she had made very little progress. Our midwife broke her water to see if that would help things along but every contraction sort of made Chloe freak out,so they prepped her for a C section. Short while later the epidural was in and we were making our way down to the O.R. They let me watch as the pulled Chloe out and wouldn't you know it, the cord was wrapped around her neck 5 times! Well the doctors got her out and got her cleaned up and everything taken care of to where she was in my arms before Natalie could even say where she was at. So Chloe was born at 9:45am weighed in at 5lbs 1oz, and was 18in long.

Both mom and baby are doing good. Baby is resting and Mom is working off the meds. Here are some pictures of both.